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Tomahawk Launches New Look to Celebrate Company Growth

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In January 2019, Tomahawk officially celebrated its 10th year in business. Like any significant birthday that ends in a zero, it elicits a few moments of pause and reflection; looking back on photos of when we only had 6 staff in that small, cinder block office, the bad haircuts and noticeably, the less wrinkles and grey hair! But also, how the company has changed and evolved in accordance to the changing needs of our customers. 

Where we were once solely technology development based, we are now more focused on creating tourism strategies and consulting, providing creative and dynamic marketing results, insights and bespoke developments that may also include technological solutions.    

The New Branding

A new brand was needed to better convey the evolved vibrancy of our...

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New Entrant: How global giant ADARA plans to plug NZ tourism's data gap

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A global shift towards cost-effective, performance-driven marketing solutions has prompted US travel data co-operative, ADARA, to enter the New Zealand market via a new partnership with Auckland-based Tomahawk.

ADARA’s vice president of tourism for Asia Pacific, Matthew Zatto, tells us about the Californian-headquartered company, what expertise this tie-up is going to offer New Zealand tourism, and who should tap into the exciting new service offered by the partners.

ADARA is not a name many in NZ would be familiar with – can you tell us more about the company? 

ADARA is a Silicon Valley-based data solutions company for the travel & tourism industry.

Founded back in 2009, we have built the world’s travel data co-op that connects the search, booking and loyalty data of...

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