Digital Marketing

To grow your tourism business online, it is important to choose a marketing partner who truly understands and loves tourism.

The Tomahawk marketing team all have extensive knowledge from working in the travel industry before landing their dream job with us. We have all worked for businesses like yours and love sharing our experiences to help you. We pride ourselves on our holistic approach but if you are just looking for help with one service, that’s good too.

Search Engine Marketing (Ads)

Search Engine Marketing remains one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways of advertising directly to your customers.

Over two-thirds of travellers turn to the web to research before deciding where or how they wish to travel and the majority will use a search engine in this research. Google Ads helps your business cut through onto the busy first page of Google and assists to get those all-important online bookings. It is fully measurable, allowing clear return on investment management.

As we live and breathe the tourism industry, our point of difference is our innate understanding and experience of what strategies and campaigns delivery results.

As a certified Google Partner we have an invaluable relationship with Google Account Managers who keep us up-to-date with the latest trends and changes.



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