Creative Services

We provide a range of creative and branding services to help promote your tourism business.

Branding & Design

Your business’ branding can help define your entire customer experience.

People are more likely to buy or book with your company if they can relate to your messaging. Good, consistent branding can help create trust and familiarity with your business. It will also let you stand out from your competition by clearly advertising your point of difference. 

Our approach is to begin by understanding what you feel is your defining difference, the competitive environment, and the aesthetic or the feeling you want to convey. Armed with all this information, inspiration and boundless creativity, we work closely with you to create a logo which resonates with your customers.

However, an evocative name and logo is just the beginning; ensuring its applications are consistent with your message is a vital component of successful branding. As part of the process, we can also develop a brand strategy to guide you through the use of your brand's most recognisable asset – your logo – and the overall message of your tourism business.

See our brand design packages below to get started!


Brand Packages Designed To Suit Your Business

Is your business and your brand story new, evolving, or in need of rejuvenation? Different businesses will have diverse branding needs so at Tomahawk we are here to help deliver a brand solution that works for you. 

Our brand and design packages cater to different business sizes, stages of development and budgets. And if one of these packages doesn’t seem to fit then we can provide add-on options and also quote on a more bespoke approach. Afterall, one size does not fit all!  


Take flight with a starter package that focuses on creating a logo design to reflect your story & positioning.

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Build on your existing brand to evolve your identity & design elements to reach new heights.

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Position your brand to soar above the rest with a complete brand solution creating a family of design elements.

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