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Your Success Guide to AI for Tourism

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In 2023, AI was the talk of the town…or more accurately, the talk of the whole world!

Last year, AI stirred up plenty of excitement and conversations about how this new revolutionary technology can help businesses, research, medicine, education and industries. This was coupled with plenty of questions and concerns around safety, privacy and whether it will replace jobs.

Now in 2024, many have learnt a bit more about AI’s benefits and most have played with AI tools like ChatGPT and new AI platforms are being developed at lightning speed.

As this e-book debuts, AI's dynamism becomes evident with new use cases, new platforms, and new concerns emerging daily making any static resource about AI potentially obsolete within days. So much so that we’ve written this guide multiple...

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Low Season Thriving Guide

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As a tourism business, navigating the low season can be a challenging yet pivotal time for sustaining growth and success. While the peak periods may bring a surge of visitors and revenue, the off-peak months present unique opportunities to innovate, engage with customers, and build a resilient business model. 

With a strategic approach, you can not only survive the low season but use it as an opportunity to refresh, refine, and position yourself for an even stronger peak season. 

In this guide, we'll explore actionable strategies to help your tourism business not just survive but thrive during the low season, you have to work harder for those bookings but once you hit on a formula that delivers steady bookings you can apply the strategies every year.

Grow Demand with...

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LinkedIn Image Sizes

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LinkedIn is an important platform for networking and building business to business relationships, and for recruitment. For the tourism industry there is an active community of tourism professionals, business owners, managers and related government organisations. 

We recommend a strong presence on LinkedIn for both your personal profile and your company page to foster your trade relationships and to build awareness of your team, products & services and brand.

LinkedIn Profile Page

Profile Picture 

  • Recommended pixel size: 400 x 400 pixels
  • Supported file types: JPG and PNG

Cover Picture

  • Pixel size: 1584 x 396 pixels
  • Aspect ratio: 4:1
  • Maximum file size: 8MB 
  • Supported file types: JPG and PNG 

Note that your LinkedIn cover picture will display...

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Tomahawk to be an Event Supporter at TRENZ 2024

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We are thrilled to announce our role as an official event supporter at TRENZ 2024. The event, organised annually by Tourism Industry Aotearoa (TIA) on behalf of the Tourism Industry New Zealand Trust, is the premier tourism trade event to showcase New Zealand's tourism products and experiences. 

While Tomahawk has historically participated in TRENZ as a tourism services provider, our increased engagement and support this year underscores our dedication to fostering success within the tourism sector. 

Considering both delegates' and exhibitors' needs at TRENZ, we have devised a unique activation. At TRENZ 2024, we will showcase a popcorn space and mobile snack delivery trolley, offering not just bite sized treats but also snack sized digital marketing insights to enhance...

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YouTube Images and Video Sizes

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YouTube as a marketing tool for tourism businesses is a natural platform to attract potential customers with 62% of consumers using YouTube for travel inspiration, it's a goldmine for reaching your target audience! Not only that, it's the 2nd most popular social media channel globally behind Facebook.

From having your own channel for creating video content, to harnessing the advertising opportunities, it can be a strong strategy for driving brand awareness and website traffic.

For your convenience we have provided the YouTube recommended image sizes for your profile, feed and ads. 

YouTube Channel Page

YouTube Channel Profile Picture 

  • Recommended pixel size: 800 x 800 pixels
  • Aspect ratio: 1:1 
  • YouTube will automatically resize your profile image to be...

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Pinterest Image Pin Sizes

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Our team loves Pinterest as a platform for our tourism clients to inspire and attract potential customers! Pinterest is the social platform where 498 million people go for inspiration each month, and most of which are women (more than 60%), who are also key decision-makers for holiday planning!

Harnessing Pinterest can really make an impact on driving awareness of your business and leading people on a journey to book with you!

For your convenience we have provided the Pinterest recommended image sizes for your profile, feed and ads. 

Pinterest Profile Page

  • Profile picture: 165 x 165 pixels
  • Profile cover photo: 800 x 450 pixels

Pinterest Feed

Pinterest Image Pin

  • Recommended image size: 1000 x 1500 pixels
  • Aspect ratio: 2:3
  • Accepted file types: JPEG...

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