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It's time to upgrade your analytics! Your simple guide to GA4

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If you’ve ever wondered how marketing experts (like the good people here at Tomahawk) know all about who’s visiting your website, the pages they’re viewing and how they’re finding you in the first place, the answer usually lies within one powerful tool… Google Analytics.

Since its original release in 2005, Google Analytics has helped millions of people improve their websites, better understand their audiences and get great results from their marketing campaigns.

And in October 2020, Google released a new version of its analytics tool and the most powerful version yet – GA4.

What is GA4 and how is it different from the previous version?

Most businesses are currently using Universal Google Analytics (UGA.) which was released in 2012. UGA served us well for almost a...

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Five Reasons Why Your Tourism Business Needs 'Google My Business'

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One of the most effective ways to get your tourism business noticed is by utilising a fantastic free tool from the good people at Google: ‘Google My Business’. Google My Business is what we call your ‘digital storefront’. It can appear when customers search for your business specifically or for business like yours on Google or Google Maps.

You’ve probably seen Google My Business listings plenty of times before. If you search or a specific business on Google, it’s the listing that appears to the right side of Google search results, full of useful information that allows you make a decision about whether to use that business or tells you how to get in touch right away. If you search for a more generic term such as ‘Nelson restaurant’, the Google My Business results are the ones...

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A simple guide to SSL Certificates

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If you’ve got a website, you might’ve heard the term ‘SSL certificate’ being tossed around. But what is it, exactly? And you haven’t already got one, do you need one? This simple guide to SSL certificates lays out everything you need to know in black and white, with any mysterious technical jargon translated into plain English.

What is SSL?

The SSL acronym stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It enables a type of sophisticated encryption that means information transferred from a user to a website is impossible to read by hackers.

An SSL certificate is particularly important if the user is submitting sensitive information such as credit card numbers or personal details that could make them a victim of identify theft. It makes your website ‘secure’.

How do you know if an SSL...

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Google offers FREE travel booking links to all accommodation providers.

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There’s been some big news from Google recently that’s sure to make all our accommodation clients very happy…

Just before the Trans-Tasman travel bubble was announced, Google revealed that all accommodation providers would now be able to access FREE booking links.

This means that when people search for accommodation, your property could be among the first to appear and give searchers the opportunity to book directly via your website.

In their recent announcement, Google said, “For all hotels and travel companies, this change brings a new, free way to reach potential customers [...] Our testing of this new feature shows that all partner types — from individual hotels to online travel agents — benefit from free booking links through increased booking traffic and user...

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7 ways to get ready for the Trans-Tasman bubble!

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7 ways to get ready for the Trans-Tasman bubble!

On Tuesday 6th of April, the New Zealand Government will announce the commencement date for the highly anticipated Trans-Tasman travel bubble.

While we don’t have a date for our bubble just yet, we now know that it’s imminent. This is a major step forward for New Zealand and Australian tourism industries, offering hope and opportunity to those providers who have been terribly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past twelve months.

So, here are seven things you can do today to ensure you are ready! Knuckle down, get those creative juices flowing and put your best, jandal-clad foot forward to say g’day to our Australian friends once again.

1. First, focus on families

Tomahawk Marketing Director Gina Paladini...

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Government Funding Still Available in 2021

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Following the government's announcement urging tourism businesses to register for support via the Regional Business Partner Network, Tomahawk is registered as a support service provider in the Tourism Transition Fund for tourism operators impacted by COVID-19 and reduced market conditions. With Tomahawk’s support, we will assist you to create sustainable business goals for today’s domestic lead market so your business can remain viable. We will also advise you on potential new products and services that could support your business and evolving market conditions.

Stuart Nash said, “there is “still a few million dollars” left in the Regional Business Partner Network, which may provide up to $5,000 worth of support to small-to-medium tourism business owners.”

Tomahawk provides...

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