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The explosion of exclusive use tourism products - are you offering it?

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Selling private or “exclusive use” accommodation, tours, and activities is not a new concept in tourism, but it’s increasingly becoming a significant opportunity for tourism businesses.   

Selling your tourism product as a fully private experience is no longer just the domain of the luxury or VIP market. Businesses that have never considered or marketed this option before are now seeing a significant increase in enquiries.  

Across all sectors, the growth in demand is being driven from a broad range of travellers who are seeking a more private and meaningful experience principally because of the COVID pandemic and being more cautious about sharing spaces.  

What are the benefits?

People want to get away from the crowds and value more than ever before their own space....

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ResBook Update

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Our sector needs good data now more than ever. As a Tomahawk customer we strongly encourage you to join the Accommodation Data Programme (ADP) - a new ‘by industry, for industry’ research programme designed to meet the needs of accommodation providers and industry representatives.

We know data will be a low priority for you right now. However, joining the ADP will give industry representatives and government the data they need to guide us through these difficult times.

Joining the ADP only takes 2 minutes. And it's free.

Register Now

Your registration is important, even if your property is currently closed.

You'll be asked to submit data once a month, or you can let ResBook submit on your behalf. In return, you’ll receive monthly reports you can use to...

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Costs & Benefits of Online Travel Agents | Monday Marketing Minutes with Tomahawk

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Are you using Online Travel Agents (OTA's) to drive bookings?

Today Rakeeb joins Monday Marketing Minutes and we talk about costs and benefits of OTAs.

What is your OTA experience?

#mondaymarketingminutes #betterneverstops


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Tomahawk partners with ADARA to provide Tourism Insights for New Zealand

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Tomahawk are pleased to announce their partnership with ADARA, the data solution for travel & tourism brands. ADARA’s travel data co-op, the world’s largest, connects over 200 leading travel brands to create the most comprehensive view of the world's travellers and their behaviours across brands, channels, and devices.
The tourism industry continues to call out for better tourism data and insights noting that the Tourism 2015 framework included data as an original pillar to unite New Zealand’s tourism industry and set it up for strong, economic growth. Charlie Ives, Executive Officer of Regional Tourism New Zealand declared in his 2018 Tourism Report Card that tourism data was “Not Achieved.” It is one of the missing puzzle pieces required to drive New Zealand Tourism...

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How to Reduce Double Bookings with Channel Management

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Channel managers claim to be 95-97% accurate, depending on which one you talk to. So as channel management becomes the norm, with one of the busiest seasons in years in NZ, a number of double bookings are an unavoidable part of distribution. But don’t despair, there are ways to minimise them.

1. Education is Power

It is vital that you spend time to learn how your channel manager works - how to update rates, specials and how the connections with each Online Travel Agent (OTA) works. There is a learning curve but much stress and frustration can be mitigated by putting in the groundwork and time to understand the system.

2. Strategy

A recommended strategy is to leave one room off the channels in high season to kep for direct bookings and/or minimise double...

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TripAdvisor - Trick or Treat?

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TripAdvisor Trick or Treat

Part III in our Halloween 2015 blog series.

As the world’s number-one tourism website, TripAdvisor is an audacious and powerful beast. For travellers sharing a review or researching a trip, it works a treat. For tourism operators it can prove a powerful marketing and distribution tool. But for all of these treats, this powerful beast can serve up a trick or two.

Handling Reviews

Since anyone can post a review on TripAdvisor, it can create some scary situations for a tourism operator. Travellers threatening a negative review as an attempt to get a discount, competitors purchasing fake reviews to boost their rankings, or a sinister traveller who is simply miserable about life and uses the platform to constantly complain.

Some operators believe fake or venomous reviews are...

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