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5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Marketing

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1. Refresh your Social Media Content & Calendar

Your social media platforms are a vital way engage with potential customers and broaden your reach to new audiences. The start of spring can mean a change in the tone and messaging of your social media posts. If your tourism business is in a location that benefits from higher visitor volumes through spring and summer then you'll want to become more active with regular social media posts to share your content.

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Celebrating 15 Years of Expertise, Resilience and Success in Tourism

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As a leading provider of tourism marketing services with clients concentrated in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands, our Tomahawk team is celebrating an outstanding milestone in 2023. Having been operating since 2008, our agency has now delivered 15 years of excellence in tourism!

Despite the challenges the tourism industry has faced in recent years, our resilience has remained steadfast, adapting strategies, and providing unwavering support to clients during these challenging times. Our commitment to innovation, resilience, and deep industry knowledge has allowed us to navigate the turbulent times and emerge stronger than ever. 

With our longevity in the market, paired with a team of seasoned tourism leaders boasting over 150 years of collective experience,  our...

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Tips for Driving Your Domestic Marketing

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Tourism New Zealand ended it's domestic marketing programme in New Zealand from July 2023. Tourism businesses had a great run benefiting from plentiful marketing budgets being pivoted towards domestic campaigns while borders were closed from 2020. Their campaigns like "Do Something New New Zealand" served to inspire kiwis to explore their own country and will no doubt continue to leave a lasting impression for some time to come.

The mandate to promote our regions and tourist spots is now squarely returned to the RTO's. If you're business is reliant on domestic visitors then the ball is also in your court to consider how to attract their bookings as a staple part of your year-round revenue.

Here are some tips from our team that will help you maintain a strong presence and...

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5 Ways to Grow Opportunities with the Travel Trade

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Working with travel trade in the form of booking agents, wholesalers and inbound tour operators is a traditional and extremely effective method for broadening your booking opportunities internationally.

It does take time and effort to create & develop relationships in order to build a regular source of bookings, however the returns are on this are extremely beneficial and once established you will benefit from being part of a global distribution network.

If you are keen to grow your bookings from the extensive international trade trade, here's  5 ways to help get you started:

1. Join Qualmark

While you may think Qualmark is just about rating your business, it has evolved in to much more including exclusive marketing and travel trade opportunities via Tourism New...

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Navigating the Transition from Universal Analytics to GA4

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The time has come! From 1 July 2023, we embark on a new era with Google's move to GA4 analytics, saying good bye to Universal Analytics.

But why is this change happening? Let's explore the reasons behind it, understand why tracking is essential for any business, and discover the key differences between UA and GA4. It's all about navigating the concepts of data-driven success!

Why Do We Use Google Analytics?

  • Google Analytics allows website owners and marketers to track and analyse various aspects of their online presence.
  • You can gather valuable data about your website visitors, such as their demographics, behavior, and interactions.
  • This information provides insights into the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, helping you make informed decisions to improve...

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5 Tips to Tackle Football Supporters Visiting New Zealand

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New Zealand is about to experience a major global sports world cup event being held across the country! In July and August 2023, we will see women's football teams here from all over the globe compete for the world cup. 

It's the biggest sporting event to ever come to New Zealand and will be the single biggest women's sporting event in world history!

FIFA expects over 29,000 visitors to come to New Zealand (20,000 of them from the US!). Reminiscent of the popular Lions Rugby Tours (25,000 visitors from the UK in 2017) & Rugby World Cups (Women's & Mens), this will see a significant peak of visitors wishing to see and experience New Zealand while they are here. 

Matches will be played in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Dunedin. Supporters are expected to be take the...

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