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Website Fitness Program For Your Tourism Business During COVID -19

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Huge thanks for signing up to our 'Website Fitness Program for your Tourism Business during COVID-19' webinar. We are thrilled that 256 people signed up and 187 joined us one the day! What a shining example of how our tourism industry is ready to take on this challenge and thrive.  

Looks like everyone has some great snacks on hand to get them through. Hot Cross Buns definitely led the race, closely followed by anything alcohol infused! Both great choices in our books. 

We asked you to share what mix of your business was traditionally international 'Before COVID-19' (BC). Of the 62 people that responded 6 had 50% or less and 25 of you had 80% or above International visitor mix. 

For those in doubt that domestic travel can help your business, according to Statistics New...

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Campaign Landing Pages | Monday Marketing Minutes with Tomahawk

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If you are going to spend the money and the time to do a promotion or campaign, then you also need a landing page. Today in the nest we talk about what to include (and what not to include) to attract (and not distract) to ensure you get conversions

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Content Creation Tools We Love! | Monday Marketing Minutes with Tomahawk

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This week in the nest we talk content creation tools we love! There are so many great platforms that sharing just three was tough. After watching the video head on over to our Content is King article where we share a few more tools as well as links to get you on your way to creating GREAT content.

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Content Tools we LOVE for creating stories

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The marketing industry loves buzz words, One that has stuck around for a while, and we wholeheartedly agree with is ‘content is king’ (well actually it’s a buzz-phrase). Here at Tomahawk we tend to be more inclined to say content is King, Queen and well, the whole monarchy!

Content can be text, photos, videos, blogs and many more shared across various channels. Today, we are specifically looking at some of our favourite tools to create visual content that can be shared across social media.


All T-Hawks here at Tomahawk love Canva! This tool is so easy to use and has a great range of templates with a simple drag and drop functionality. They also have a great app for both ios and android or you can use it on your desktop. Canva also has a super blog on their site that...

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The Battle Between SEO and User Experience

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Which one is really more important? SEO or User Experience? We say both! And equally so. Some claim that these two concepts are diametrically opposed. They say these two will never meet eye-to-eye and have been waging war against each other for the longest time. The truth is, they can work together rather well.

But, first things first, let us define these two concepts:

  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization – this is the act of purposely optimising your website via on-page and off-page tasks to help it rank better in search engine results pages.
  • UX or User Experience – refers to the process of enhancing user satisfaction of a website focusing on accessibility, usability and aesthetics.

Both actually work toward providing a service and aim for completing whatever conversion...

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Digital Trends 2017 Part 1: Mobile is Still the Biggest Focal Point

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Have you jumped on the mobile bandwagon yet? If you haven’t yet, you are missing out big time! Mobile continues its ascend up the ladder of importance for internet users. Most website owners are starting to see the percentage of mobile as a channel grow month on month.

Google is at the forefront of this paradigm shift as they continue to push for the perfect mobile experience. In 2014, they added the mobile-friendly label to search results to help users “find pages where the text and content were readable without zooming in.” While plans for removal of this label are already underway, Google will continue to include the mobile-friendly criteria as a ranking signal. 

Get Started on Mobile

First things first, if you’re not yet mobile-friendly, call Tomahawk now. We can help...

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