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Tomahawk Launches Webinar Series to Nurture Success in Tourism

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Something for Everyone!

We are excited to announce the launch of our upcoming webinar series, "Tourism Tech Talks - Digital Strategies for Tourism Success."  

Hear from our amazing team that live and breathe tourism digital marketing! This free webinar series starting in July, will be hosted by Marketing Director Gina Paladini, and joined by Tomahawk subject experts. Tourism businesses will learn the latest insights on: Social Media Marketing, Google Strategies, Brand Design & Storytelling, and Technology & Tourism. 

Designed to provide interactive and engaging content with “Something for Everyone”, each digital marketing topic will identify 5 strategies to help you grow your business:

Something New, Something Reliable, Something Underrated, Something DIY and Something...

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Tomahawk Team Embraces Diversity & Inclusivity

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Tomahawk is expanding its diversity & inclusion journey by becoming a member of Pride Pledge in support of rainbow communities. Being part of Pride Pledge has been a collaborative and team-led initiative that reinforces their values. The company recently completed Pride Pledge Awareness training for the team followed by the Rainbow Inclusion Stocktake.

The Tomahawk team enjoyed an informative and engaging session with Martin King, Director of Pride Pledge, to complete their Rainbow Awareness training. The opportunity to be a Pride Pledge member aligns perfectly with the company's Diversity & Inclusion Policy with the desire to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all team members and customers. The training provided the team with the tools and awareness to apply...

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Tomahawk supports BYATA in their strategy to rebuild youth tourism

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Tomahawk is delighted to continue its gold sponsorship support of the 2022 Backpacker Youth Adventure Tourism Association 11th Annual Conference. 

Highlighting the significant contribution of the youth tourism market, which nearly reached a sizeable $1b in holiday spend pre-covid*, is an important agenda item for BYATA and something which Tomahawk wholeheartedly advocates in the rebuilding of tourism to New Zealand.  Tomahawk is committed to the industry building core digital skills and online presence that enable members to better target youth travellers.   

Renee Goodsell, Head of Digital for Tomahawk is excited to be reuniting with the sector: 

“We believe the backpacker market is fundamental to the New Zealand visitor economy, and the BYATA conference has always been...

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Industry Leaders on Nationwide Workshop Road Trip to Reconnect & Support Industry

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Tomahawk along with the Bed & Breakfast Association of NZ are hitting the road on a 10-stop series of workshops to help accommodation providers across New Zealand be best prepared for the new international traveller. 

Hosted accommodation providers will have the opportunity to learn the latest digital marketing strategies and tools, with collaborative break-out sessions to further delve into topics with experts. To enhance the value of the workshops to attendees further, there will be updates provided from Tourism New Zealand and RTO’s. 

Donna Brooke, The President of the Bed & Breakfast Association of NZ says: 

“Hosted accommodation businesses are a very niche part of the tourism sector. There are a lot of small businesses scattered throughout New Zealand providing...

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New tourism initiative to activate and reward kiwi travellers

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Friday 31 July 2020

Auckland-based tourism marketing company Tomahawk is preparing to launch in September an exciting new platform that will activate and reward kiwi travellers.

The initiative, ‘The Great New Zealand Bingo Bonanza’, motivates and incentivises kiwis to discover their local community or other towns, regions and experience activities that they may never have considered previously. Using the well-known game of bingo as its inspiration, inspiring kiwi travellers of every demographic, every age and any special interest in a fun and engaging way.

Tomahawk Marketing Director Gina Paladini said, “Bingo Bonanza was created during Level 4 when we were all attending webinars with other tourism colleagues and wondering how our industry can survive. The...

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Conservation week at Tomahawk - Our Tips & Tricks

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There is nothing like the good vibes you get when strolling down to the local sushi parlor with your colleagues, with your work-provided reusable containers glinting in the sun. Sushi tastes so good when you know you’re being good to the environment too.

You may be aware that last week was Conservation week, and we here at Tomahawk are passionate about doing our part in keeping New Zealand clean and green. Not only does it feel great to be earth-friendly, but it is essential to New Zealand’s unique clean and green branding that is so important to our tourism industry. Ensuring we clean up after ourselves, and reducing our plastic consumption means cleaner parks and beaches that we can enjoy with our family and friends. When we reduce pollution, we also know we are looking after the...

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