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Increase Bookings with Ads Triggered by Weather Forecasts

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We all talk about the weather on a daily basis and for tourism businesses the weather often has quite a significant impact on your bookings and visitation numbers. Whether it be for seasonal or simply short-term weather conditions, the weather can dictate who turns up. 

What if you could be a bit more clever about the weather and integrate it into your digital marketing plan to attract bookings? This brings us to what we call “Weather Ads.” 

What are Weather Ads? 

As the name suggests, “Weather Ads” is an ad campaign tactic based around the weather forecast to match an activity or location with upcoming weather conditions.  

Will it be snowing next weekend? Then ski packages are a timely ad to use. Will it be hot and sunny on the coast? Then let people know they can...

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Domestic Marketing During COVID-19

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During this 60 minute webinar, Gina Paladini, Marketing Director and Renee Goodsell, Marketing Manager look at how to marketing to the domestic New Zealand audience during COVID-19.

Topics include:

1. Domestic Marketing Before & After COVID-19

2. Domestic Audiences Familiar & New

3. The differences between International vs. Domestic marketing

4. Key triggers for Kiwi Travelers

5. Checklist: Is your product Kiwi-ready?

During the webinar, you will hear Gina talk about the PhocusWright article 'Nothing will be the same' How Italian hoteliers are coping with Coronavirus fallout. We do predict the trends Italy is seeing, of people wanting to book direct will flow through into tourism here in New Zealand. It is something we will be actively encouraging. 

Two Quick...

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Tourism Resilience, Re-imagination and Rebound - 10 Training Workshops

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Tomahawk has designed a new series which is comprised of ten Online Training Workshops. They are crafted to empower tourism operators and aligned all industry sectors so they can:

  • Be more Resilient online where their business is showcased and booked

  • Re-imagine their business and product set where necessary in order to reset to our new tourism landscape

  • Prepare best to Rebound when travel is open again both domestically and internationally  

The series of workshops have an actionable worksheet or e-book to support the learning and after each workshop.

There is also the opportunity for businesses to register on the Regional Support Network and apply for funded one on one consulting after each Workshop.

Introducing: The Tourism Resilience,...

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Campaign Landing Pages | Monday Marketing Minutes with Tomahawk

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If you are going to spend the money and the time to do a promotion or campaign, then you also need a landing page. Today in the nest we talk about what to include (and what not to include) to attract (and not distract) to ensure you get conversions

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Content Creation Tools We Love! | Monday Marketing Minutes with Tomahawk

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This week in the nest we talk content creation tools we love! There are so many great platforms that sharing just three was tough. After watching the video head on over to our Content is King article where we share a few more tools as well as links to get you on your way to creating GREAT content.

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Content Tools we LOVE for creating stories

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The marketing industry loves buzz words, One that has stuck around for a while, and we wholeheartedly agree with is ‘content is king’ (well actually it’s a buzz-phrase). Here at Tomahawk we tend to be more inclined to say content is King, Queen and well, the whole monarchy!

Content can be text, photos, videos, blogs and many more shared across various channels. Today, we are specifically looking at some of our favourite tools to create visual content that can be shared across social media.


All T-Hawks here at Tomahawk love Canva! This tool is so easy to use and has a great range of templates with a simple drag and drop functionality. They also have a great app for both ios and android or you can use it on your desktop. Canva also has a super blog on their site that...

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