Digital Marketing

To grow your tourism business online, it is important to choose a marketing partner who truly understands and loves tourism.

The Tomahawk marketing team all have extensive knowledge from working in the travel industry before landing their dream job with us. We have all worked for businesses like yours and love sharing our experiences to help you. We pride ourselves on our holistic approach but if you are just looking for help with one service, that’s good too.

Conversion Optimisation

Think that simply having an attractive website will automatically maximise your bookings? Think again.

Conversion optimisation looks at the user’s journey through your website and makes the necessary improvements to increase the percentage that result in a booking or sale. This might be as simple as changing the colour of your “Book Now” button, re-writing content or reducing the fields on your contact form.

You have seven seconds to make a good first impression on your homepage before users will decide to leave or move forward. Websites with poor user experience often suffer with over-whelming navigation, too many (or not enough) calls to action, lack of engagement and slow-loading pages.

If you are finding you have a high volume of web traffic but not enough bookings, get in touch with us today to see what we can do help.



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