Your Success Guide to AI for Tourism

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In 2023, AI was the talk of the town…or more accurately, the talk of the whole world!

Last year, AI stirred up plenty of excitement and conversations about how this new revolutionary technology can help businesses, research, medicine, education and industries. This was coupled with plenty of questions and concerns around safety, privacy and whether it will replace jobs.

Now in 2024, many have learnt a bit more about AI’s benefits and most have played with AI tools like ChatGPT and new AI platforms are being developed at lightning speed.

As this e-book debuts, AI's dynamism becomes evident with new use cases, new platforms, and new concerns emerging daily making any static resource about AI potentially obsolete within days. So much so that we’ve written this guide multiple times before “going to print” just trying to keep up with changes while we proof read it!

The goal of this guide, however, is to help you get started and provide practical examples of how you can use AI in your business. With this basic knowledge, your AI journey can begin and like all technology, it will continue to evolve.

What you can look forward to in the guide

  • Why AI is beneficial to your business
  • 9 ways you can use it in your tourism business
  • How to get started
  • A list of over 35 AI Tools to try today
  • The challenges & risks to be aware of



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