Big Changes at Tomahawk and ResBook!

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Tomahawk and ResBook are thrilled to announce a comprehensive revamp of our service offerings, designed to better cater to the diverse needs of the tourism industry. This strategic initiative comes as a response to invaluable feedback from the industry’s key stakeholders and recent changes in ResBook’s ownership.   

The objective is to deliver more targeted and efficient solutions to tourism businesses of all sizes, enhancing their digital presence. Both sister brands will continue to provide expertise to clients in the New Zealand, Australian and South Pacific tourism markets. John Hayson, Company Director of Tomahawk explains:  

 "Listening to our stakeholders is a vital part at the heart of our strategy. This revamp allows us to better serve our clients and stay ahead in the ever-evolving tourism industry and the fast-paced changes in digital."

Tomahawk, renowned for its expertise in tourism technology and digital marketing, will now focus on providing bespoke digital marketing services and customised website solutions for medium to large tourism organisations. This change ensures that Tomahawk can offer more tailored and impactful strategies to help these businesses thrive in a competitive market.   

ResBook is set to broaden its scope, offering proven solutions to drive bookings for smaller businesses across all tourism sectors. This includes their well-established Property Management System (PMS) for accommodation providers, as well as new package offerings in Digital Marketing and Tourism Themed template website options. This expansion enables ResBook to support a wider range of tourism businesses to enhance their digital presence, from owner-operated tour & activity providers to boutique lodges, to transport operators and small luxury inbound tour companies. 

ResBook will prioritise cultivating an empowered and engaged tourism community through online forums and educational opportunities across New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific. Renee Goodsell, General Manager of Tomahawk adds:

"We are thrilled about the new direction both Tomahawk and ResBook are taking. By aligning our services more closely with the needs of our clients, we can offer more effective solutions and drive greater success for tourism businesses, exciting times for our tourism community ahead!"

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