Bluebells Cakery Campaign Success

This project includes:

Bluebells Cakery is one of Auckland's top boutique bakeries, specialising in beautifully hand-iced cupcakes, celebration cakes, wedding cakes and other baked treats.

Campaign Successes are the Icing on the Cake!

We partner with Bluebells Cakery to develop digital marketing campaigns with the objective of driving traffic to their website and online sales of their delectable bakery range. These campaigns are a no brainer for Bluebells as an incredibly important and reliable revenue source.

With a range of Google Ad search and display campaigns running since April 2022, we are proud to share some key successes:

  • An astounding 2,791% Return on Investment from Search Campaigns was achieved!
  • Campaigns accounted for 29.6% of traffic to their website - their second highest channel after organic search

Our digital performance team continues to optimise their campaigns to achieve the best results removing underperforming keywords, ads and campaigns and monitoring seasonal trends on Google.

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