KJet Campaign Success

This project includes:

KJet Queenstown provides thrilling Jet Boat Rides on the Kawerau and Shotover Rivers attracting adrenalin junkies from all over the world!

Speeding to Success with Google Ad Campaigns!

It's a competitive market in Queenstown, so attracting the tourist dollar with a large range of adventure activities at their doorstep is no easy task.

To help cut through the clutter we partner with KJet for their digital marketing campaigns aiming to drive traffic to their website and achieve valuable online bookings.

Ongoing great results are being achieved with expertly optimised ad campaigns. Recent highlights for Return on Google Ad Spend (ROAS) include:

  • In December 2022 ROAS reached an incredible 1768% (for every $1 spent, $17.68 was earned),
  • Followed by 1881% (for every $1 spent, $18.81 was earned) in January 2023

With these kind of returns it's an exciting form of advertising that pays off in the form of lucrative and profitable direct bookings!

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