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Achieve Better Results with Organic & Paid Search Strategies

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Digital marketing is essential to creating more awareness of your brand and what you offer. The biggest challenge for small businesses is attracting the right people to find your business online. In the scope of tourism, digital marketing plans and strategies are all about The 5 Stages of Travel. Besides making an effort to create engaging content on your social media or website, it’s always important if the high-quality content can reach your customers before your competitors do!  

The key objective is to make sure that your website can be found at the top, and on the first page when people search for what they want or need. To better achieve this, you can use both organic and paid search strategies.  

What are the differences between organic and paid search...

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TikTok for Tourism eBook

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TikTok is an incredibly fast growing social media phenomenon that most businesses have yet to consider as part of their marketing and social media strategy. For many, they consider "it's just for teens". This is no longer the case with the 35+ age group becoming a fast-growing segment for the platform.

To give you more insight into this platform, with the why and how you can harness it as your next marketing opportunity, we have developed this "TikTok for Tourism" eBook.

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Tourism expert Grant Colquhoun joins Tomahawk

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Highly accomplished and passionate tourism professional, Grant Colquhoun has joined Tomahawk as Account Director. This is an ideal match, adding his Account Management, Business Growth, and Tourism expertise to the Tomahawk Team will further strengthen the business’s industry leadership in the digital space. 

Queenstown-based Colquhoun comes on board with the New Zealand tourism marketing and technology company at a time of renewed growth and increasing demand for digital marketing services. His extensive experience in sales, account management and digital marketing, with offshore Senior leadership appointments including Tripadvisor in Asia, all combine to provide an incredibly high level of expertise for the benefit of Tomahawk and its partners, with great results already being...

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Tomahawk supports BYATA in their strategy to rebuild youth tourism

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Tomahawk is delighted to continue its gold sponsorship support of the 2022 Backpacker Youth Adventure Tourism Association 11th Annual Conference. 

Highlighting the significant contribution of the youth tourism market, which nearly reached a sizeable $1b in holiday spend pre-covid*, is an important agenda item for BYATA and something which Tomahawk wholeheartedly advocates in the rebuilding of tourism to New Zealand.  Tomahawk is committed to the industry building core digital skills and online presence that enable members to better target youth travellers.   

Renee Goodsell, Head of Digital for Tomahawk is excited to be reuniting with the sector: 

“We believe the backpacker market is fundamental to the New Zealand visitor economy, and the BYATA conference has always been...

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How to Write Engaging Blogs for Your Tourism Business

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Writing blogs is an effective way to create content for your digital marketing. Every blog article can be an opportunity to drive online traffic to your website. With suitable keywords, it can help with your SEO (search engine optimisation) and also attract your readers to book with you when they find your brand personality interesting.

So, how can you write an engaging blog that can create impact for your tourism business? Here are 6 tips to get you started!

1. Pinpoint your target audience 

Understanding your readers and considering their buyer personas is an important way to resonate with them. The audience of a luxury hotel can be very different from an economical motel. Readers who are looking for kayaking tours may find information about adventure equipment and...

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Industry Leaders on Nationwide Workshop Road Trip to Reconnect & Support Industry

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Tomahawk along with the Bed & Breakfast Association of NZ are hitting the road on a 10-stop series of workshops to help accommodation providers across New Zealand be best prepared for the new international traveller. 

Hosted accommodation providers will have the opportunity to learn the latest digital marketing strategies and tools, with collaborative break-out sessions to further delve into topics with experts. To enhance the value of the workshops to attendees further, there will be updates provided from Tourism New Zealand and RTO’s. 

Donna Brooke, The President of the Bed & Breakfast Association of NZ says: 

“Hosted accommodation businesses are a very niche part of the tourism sector. There are a lot of small businesses scattered throughout New Zealand providing...

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