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Tomahawk Launches New Look to Celebrate Company Growth

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In January 2019, Tomahawk officially celebrated its 10th year in business. Like any significant birthday that ends in a zero, it elicits a few moments of pause and reflection; looking back on photos of when we only had 6 staff in that small, cinder block office, the bad haircuts and noticeably, the less wrinkles and grey hair! But also, how the company has changed and evolved in accordance to the changing needs of our customers. 

Where we were once solely technology development based, we are now more focused on creating tourism strategies and consulting, providing creative and dynamic marketing results, insights and bespoke developments that may also include technological solutions.    

The New Branding

A new brand was needed to better convey the evolved vibrancy of our...

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New Entrant: How global giant ADARA plans to plug NZ tourism's data gap

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A global shift towards cost-effective, performance-driven marketing solutions has prompted US travel data co-operative, ADARA, to enter the New Zealand market via a new partnership with Auckland-based Tomahawk.

ADARA’s vice president of tourism for Asia Pacific, Matthew Zatto, tells us about the Californian-headquartered company, what expertise this tie-up is going to offer New Zealand tourism, and who should tap into the exciting new service offered by the partners.

ADARA is not a name many in NZ would be familiar with – can you tell us more about the company? 

ADARA is a Silicon Valley-based data solutions company for the travel & tourism industry.

Founded back in 2009, we have built the world’s travel data co-op that connects the search, booking and loyalty data of...

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Tomahawk partners with ADARA to provide Tourism Insights for New Zealand

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Tomahawk are pleased to announce their partnership with ADARA, the data solution for travel & tourism brands. ADARA’s travel data co-op, the world’s largest, connects over 200 leading travel brands to create the most comprehensive view of the world's travellers and their behaviours across brands, channels, and devices.
The tourism industry continues to call out for better tourism data and insights noting that the Tourism 2015 framework included data as an original pillar to unite New Zealand’s tourism industry and set it up for strong, economic growth. Charlie Ives, Executive Officer of Regional Tourism New Zealand declared in his 2018 Tourism Report Card that tourism data was “Not Achieved.” It is one of the missing puzzle pieces required to drive New Zealand Tourism...

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Google your Business with Google My Business

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Tomahawk are excited to share our recent Google My Business (GMB) webinar. This free tool can boost your website traffic and in turn, your business. Your business listing will appear on Google Search, Google maps and more. 

Watch the Webinar


Setting up your GMB Account

Don't currently have a Google My Business Listing? Follow our step by step guide to setting up your account.

Download the Free eBook

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Why your tourism business needs Google My Business

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Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool that can boost your business allowing you to manage how your business appears on Google Search, Google maps and more. 

GMB is packed with features that allows you to share vital information about your tourism business acting like a "mini-website". Quickly share your contact details, images, reviews and even include a social media style interactive Q&A where you can directly engage with users. 

It is a powerful booster for your Local Search Engine Optimisation. Think about it, when people search for a place to stay or activity to do that is near them, they're usually very close to making a booking.

If you haven’t already set up and verified your Google My Business Account and engaging with GMB every week like you would your social media,...

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Are you ready for Google's Parallel Tracking Rollout?

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A big change is coming on 30 October: Parallel Tracking.

When AdWords (now Google Ads) was first launched it used what is called "linear redirect tracking". When an ad is clicked Google loads several components such as the Google Ads click tracker, the tracking URL and often some other tracking URLs before the customer gets to your landing page. In other words, the customer goes through one or more redirects after they click your ad.

While most users don’t even notice this happening, Google says that the delays of "hundreds of milliseconds" actually has a negative impact on campaign performance.

Parallel tracking, on the other hand, sends customers directly from your ad to your intended URL while click measurement happens in the background in a parallel process (customers are...

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