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Your Marketing Guide to the 5 Stages of Travel

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If you are looking for truly effective ways to attract bookings, then the answer will lie in understanding the process your target customers go through to make a booking. Having insight to this decision process then allows you to plan a marketing strategy that will resonate with travellers to achieve bookings time and time again!

This brings us to "The 5 Stages of Travel".

Foundation for Marketing: A Travel Cycle

Tourism and travel is the second most common reason why people use the internet. It's an incredibly fast and reliable way of sourcing information about travel destinations, and making the necessary bookings.

As the internet is so highly utilised for travel and tourism, Google spent two years researching the travel experience. They found that: 

  • Almost all...

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Tomahawk leadership promotions paving the way for 2023

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Tomahawk has promoted two key members of their team to strengthen its leadership and manage growth in the business for 2023. 

Renee Goodsell, previously Head of Digital & Engagement, now heads up the entire team as General Manager. Renee’s strong leadership and digital marketing skills at Tomahawk have been evident for several years, so this natural progression is no surprise, and will provide a sturdy foundation for the company as it continues to be a leader in providing tourism digital and marketing services.  

Tomahawks’ Digital Performance Manager, Regan Northwood, has quickly cemented her leadership abilities and earned a promotion to Operations Manager to lead the digital performance and delivery teams.  

Renee is excited about what 2023 and beyond will bring,...

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100 Tourism businesses boosted online with Tomahawks massive achievement

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  • Tomahawk delivered 100 new websites for tourism businesses to improve their online presence in the last 18 months

  • Tourism businesses invested in their digital presence to rebrand, pivot to a new market or prepare for the resurgence in tourism

  • Customers reaping the rewards of their investments

Tomahawk has quietly and confidently improved the online performance of tourism in New Zealand by delivering 100 new websites for tourism customers in the last 18 months.

When lockdowns and travel restrictions brought New Zealand tourism to a standstill, many accommodation and activity providers utilised the slow period to engage Tomahawk—which specialises in tourism—to improve their online presence in preparation for restrictions lifting. 

Funding by...

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Tomahawk Team Tips for Tourism Marketing in 2023!

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With 2023 just around the corner we thought we'd share some marketing tips and insights from our team to help guide your planning and direction, or simply just to provoke some ideas on possible new things to try!

Account Management Team

Our account management team recommend you make the mind space for Marketing. This will support continued engagement and a clear strategy to a successful business. Remember, activating marketing is not like flicking a switch!


Create a marketing calendar.

Georgia MacMillan - Account Manager

Make your own marketing calendar to identify key dates, and milestones. Use this calendar template to plan your specials, promotions and social media - customise it with your own campaign messaging!

Download calendar to customise 


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5 Ways to Increase Revenue with Packages & Gift Vouchers

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All-inclusive packages and Gift Vouchers are a popular and growing trend in tourism again! Travellers love the convenience and ease of booking that two-night romance package that includes a sunset cruise and dinner or that super combo hike and bike tour in just one click.

And with the new ‘revenge travel’ mindset post covid and Tourism New Zealand’s on-going voucher promotion, buying Gift Vouchers as a present for experiences and travel is hitting an all-time high.

Step One

So how can you benefit from these trends? First, find out if your booking engine has Gift Voucher capability and “upsell/add-on/packaging capability. If not, Tomahawk can help with a free Gift Voucher Module.

Step Two

The second step is to create irresistible packages that add value to the current...

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How to Use Influencers in Your Digital Marketing

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Word of mouth and generating emotion are important forms of advertising for tourism businesses. Digital marketing of tourism is based on the 5 Stages of Travel and social media platforms are essential in at least 3 of these stages.

Influencers who are already social media stars, Youtubers or bloggers can help you with your promotional campaigns if their messages align with your brand values. 

Why should you use influencers? 

They already have the audience

  • The most direct benefit of working with influencers is that they already have an audience who are interested in tourism and travelling
  • Their audiences sees them as trustworthy voices and they can help your brand build authenticity and credibility
  • They can let your consumers view travel as attainable and assist...

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