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A Guide to User Generated Content for the Travel and Tourism Marketing

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user generated content for tourism

The best way to sell travel is to tell stories about the experience. Whether it is skinny dipping in the crystal-blue oceans of the Bahamas or bungee jumping from the Macau Tower in China, you want your audience to feel the excitement as if they were there themselves.

However, the credibility of your story is best augmented by first-hand experiences. So, as a travel agency, if you want to sell any experience, the surest way to do so is let original travellers tell their story. Give them a free rein- a platform on your site- to share the joy and excitement they felt on their journey. This user-generated content (UGC) will go a long way to boost the number of enquiries about your service.

What is User Generated Content?

In online marketing, content is everything. In addition...

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Google 'Not Secure' Notification Roll Out

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Last week, Google reached out to website owners through Google Search Console informing them that from October 2017, Chrome will mark HTTP pages that collect data through forms as ‘not secure’. Below is an example of the message sent by Google.
The most common examples of collecting data through forms include: 
• when somebody tries signing up to your email newsletter
• when somebody is making an enquiry on your website.

Starting from version 62 of Chrome, Google will start flagging sites as “not secure” when entering data on a page – e.g. enquiry forms, etc. We’re currently at version 60.
62 will be released in October.
Here’s how it will look…

Why act now?

Migrating your website to HTTPS is quickly becoming a necessity.
• HTTPS is regarded as a...

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Learning from Industry Leaders - Jasmine Adams

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Each month we will ask an industry leader the same five questions as a way to share tourism marketing insights with others. The list of tourism professionals chosen to range from last year’s B&B owner of the year, RTO GMs, Marketing Manager for a hotel chain, motel owner, marketing organisations like BYATA and Luxury Lodges, and others.

The objective is to share knowledge, create scenarios that others can relate to and learn from, nurture sharing within the NZ tourism industry.

Our featured industry leader this month is Rotorua TOP 10 Holiday Park owner and operator - Jasmine Adams.

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Rain, cold weather, or sun: advertise with weather ads on Social Media

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Winter continues, and for some its getting rather wet and cold! For those wanting to make the most of these cooler months head to the snow, enjoy a pizza by the fireplace with friends or explore new areas of New Zealand, in our case the Great Lake Taupo region.

You sit at your desk dreaming of what to do this weekend and an ad pops into your newsfeed telling you the weather is great for that ideal ski weekend! Or the weather is perfect to embrace the cooler days with a relaxing soak in the hot pools. 
This is where things start to get fun! The ads that are served differ based on weather, whether that be past, current or future weather conditions (set to your preferences) you can reach those who might be looking for indoor activates on raining days, or outdoor on sunny...

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The Art of Marketing the Perfect Ski Day

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It’s winter. The slopes are calling to you. It only takes a little push and you’d be packing your car with your overnight bag and your skis. A few hours later, you have your hot cocoa in hand looking out into the glistening white and the endless blue skies. Life is good.

google search results page

That little push you needed? You Googled Mt Ruapehu and the first result that popped up said that the weather is amazing today and it’s time to make that ski dream a reality. Why not? It is the perfect ski day today, after all.

Now, here’s the fun part. You didn’t specifically check the weather conditions for Google did you? The result that said it all is actually an ad based on the current weather condition. Yes, it’s possible and for businesses that are affected by New Zealand’s crazy winter rains, it’s the...

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Google Flights Arrive in Australia and New Zealand

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What is potentially the biggest game-changer for travel agencies and tourism industry businesses is now here.

On 12 June, Google Travel announced that Google Flights is now available for Australia and New Zealand through their Twitter account.

In 2011, Google purchased one of the most prominent tools for researching airfares. The Matrix, MIT-developed ITA Software, is a powerful tool that lets users intelligently find the airfares they need by customising pairings, allowing multiple destination inputs and searching across variable trip lengths. Pairing this with a user-friendly interface resulted in what we now know as Google Flights.

How It Works
“Pack your bags! Whether you’re traveling from Auckland to Asia, or Kerikeri to Queenstown, Google Flights will give you...

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