Tomahawk to Lead Rebranding Strategy for Tonga Tourism Authority

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In a significant move to revitalise Tonga's tourism sector, the Tonga Tourism Authority (TTA), with support from the Market Development Facility (MDF), an Australian and New Zealand Government-funded programme, has announced its partnership with international tourism marketing agency Tomahawk to spearhead the rebranding of Tonga Tourism. 

The initiative signifies a transformative step towards enhancing global awareness of Tonga as a destination and increasing the economic impact of tourism. 

"We saw an opportunity to rebrand Tonga Tourism and set it apart from other Pacific Island Countries" shared Teisa Tupou, Marketing Manager of TTA. "This comprehensive rebranding exercise, steered by Tomahawk’s expertise, is not just about aesthetics but about embedding a destination marketing strategy that resonates with our unique culture and landscapes.

With Tonga's tourism branding unchanged for over a decade, the rebranding also aims to modernise their marketing strategies and improve their social media presence, as recently recommended by the South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO). 

Tomahawk is developing a comprehensive strategy encompassing traditional and digital marketing, creative assets, and paid media to amplify Tonga's unique positioning in the Pacific tourism landscape. General Manager of Tomahawk, Renee Goodsell outlines: 

"It is incredibly exciting to have been selected to partner with the Tonga Tourism Authority with the opportunity to define and implement a destination marketing and rebranding strategy. Our approach is tailored to showcase Tonga's unique heritage and values while attracting more visitors and enhancing Tonga's reputation as a must-visit destination.

As part of the rebranding strategy, Tomahawk and TTA will consult with tourism stakeholders to incorporate local wisdom and authenticity into the branding process, celebrating and preserving the unique heritage and values of Tonga, all serving to appeal to a global market. 

Expressing support for the initiative, Ministry of Tourism CEO Viliami Takau emphasised the significance of tourism in driving economic growth and cultural exchange for Tonga. "This rebranding aligns with our vision to showcase Tonga's unique characteristics to the world while driving sustainable economic and social benefits for our communities." stated Takau. 

MDF Regional Director Nicholas Wolf highlighted the critical role of the Market Development Facility in expediting the restart of international destination marketing for Tonga. "Our goal is to ensure that the new branding and marketing strategy captures the essence of Tonga while contributing to long-term tourism growth and employment." said Wolf. 

This rebranding strategy marks an exciting journey for Tonga's tourism, with a vision to attract new international audiences, strengthening Tonga's position as a leading Pacific destination and ultimately boosting economic growth for the island nation. 

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