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Monday Blogs

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Every Monday morning my task reminder goes off at 7am "Write Blog."

I then put it on snooze for 1 hour and go on to check my emails. I eventually get involved in some needless crisis which rolls into the weekly Monday company meetings with the various departments to plan the week.

At noon I return to my desk - my task reminder there again blinking at me "Write Blog."

Why is it that the most important and effective online marketing tool we can all do for our businesses often gets 'snoozed' for other tasks that we prioritize as more important?

As a marketing consultant my mantra to our clients is "Blogging is one of the most cost effective ways to increase your SEO - a blog every other day keeps the creditors away." But advice can be easy to give and sometimes hard to...

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Trees to Please

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This week there has been some arboreal action like never before at Tomahawk HQ. Thanks to the fabulous help of Ruth at Trees Please we're sending out baby native New Zealand trees all over the country. Here they are, all packed and ready to go to their new homes. Aww!

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Inspired by Iceland's Tourism Campaign

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Encouraging travellers to return to a country in the months and sometimes years following a natural disaster can be a challenge. I was reminded once again of Iceland with the May 21st eruption of 'Grimsvotn' volcano appearing in the news, and their Inspired by Iceland campaign - which followed the eruption of 'Eyjafjallajokull' in 2010.

This video from the Inspired by Iceland campaign is an inspirational example of a country telling the world that their tourism industry is open for business.

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Channel Management for Travel Brands - Know before you go.

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As many tourism providers will know, there are a large number of providers that you can choose to join that offer Channel Management. Some profess to be the "Best" some profess to be "Free", some say they have the most channels and others just use the hard word to get you feeling that if you don't go with them you will miss out on the all important bottom line of increased bookings.

The true test of any system is two fold:

1. Do they offer channels that are actually relevant to your property and the market you want to target?

This is an important point to take into consideration as you can be sold on the idea that they have 20, 30 or more sites that you can connect to via their system, but in reality, there will only be a small number that really mean anything to your...

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IDS hospitality software fuels 12 Best Western hotels in India

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Through IDS Softwares, the Hotel Management Software Specialists, Tomahawk brings the latest in Hotel software technology to the South Pacific. We're excited to share their recent partnership with twelve Best Western hotels in India:

"The usual, sir? Room no. 603 facing the poolside?". A lot of backroom technology goes behind that seemingly spontaneous greeting at your favourite hotel.

Binu Mathews, President and COO of IDS Softwares and Sudhir Sinha, President and COO, Best Western India , speak to IndiaTechOnline's Vishnu Anand on new technology trends in the hospitality space and their 12-property partnership

Bangalore-based IDS softwares has been providing solutions to the global hospitality industry for more than 20 years.

Speaking about the recent chances in...

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If you've got it, flaunt it on your home page

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If you want a steady stream of online bookings, you need to have an emotive and a compelling home page that loads quickly.

The emotive aspect is the "wow" factor that immediately transforms the guest to the fantasy of experiencing your tourism product. The compelling aspects are what give them the confidence to book. Flaunt both of these features and you are lined up for success.

How do you create both an emotive and compelling home page? Here are the four key aspects to flaunt:

1. High quality photos - one of the best ways to get a message across quickly is pictures. Spend the money on getting professional photos taken. It will make all the difference to your marketing efforts. Think of a website that you like - I would venture to guess that they have clear, crisp and...

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