Google Flights Arrive in Australia and New Zealand

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What is potentially the biggest game-changer for travel agencies and tourism industry businesses is now here.

On 12 June, Google Travel announced that Google Flights is now available for Australia and New Zealand through their Twitter account.

In 2011, Google purchased one of the most prominent tools for researching airfares. The Matrix, MIT-developed ITA Software, is a powerful tool that lets users intelligently find the airfares they need by customising pairings, allowing multiple destination inputs and searching across variable trip lengths. Pairing this with a user-friendly interface resulted in what we now know as Google Flights.

How It Works
“Pack your bags! Whether you’re traveling from Auckland to Asia, or Kerikeri to Queenstown, Google Flights will give you travel inspiration and surface the best available flight options.” Says the Google Blog.

Going to lets users quickly and easily compare and book flights In NZ$ from a mobile phone, a tablet or a desktop. It offers several ways to plan a trip.

Enter your destinations and tap on the calendar icon to see the prices displayed for every departure date.