Rain, cold weather, or sun: advertise with weather ads on Social Media

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Winter continues, and for some its getting rather wet and cold! For those wanting to make the most of these cooler months head to the snow, enjoy a pizza by the fireplace with friends or explore new areas of New Zealand, in our case the Great Lake Taupo region.

You sit at your desk dreaming of what to do this weekend and an ad pops into your newsfeed telling you the weather is great for that ideal ski weekend! Or the weather is perfect to embrace the cooler days with a relaxing soak in the hot pools. 
This is where things start to get fun! The ads that are served differ based on weather, whether that be past, current or future weather conditions (set to your preferences) you can reach those who might be looking for indoor activates on raining days, or outdoor on sunny days. 

These tailored ads will help make the best use of the budget allocated by serving more targeted ads to the correct target audience, in the medium to long term you will save money and in turn generate a higher ROI

Case Study: North Island Ski Holiday
Following on from our success of weather triggered advertising using Google search we introduced this to their Social Media platforms also. The idea being that on sun shining days Tomahawk would promote the conditions being perfect for a trip to the snow! On days with less sunshine promote other attractions in the region, including the hot pools, local restaurant & adventure activities – Discover Winters Ultimate Playground

This was used as a brand awareness exercise for the region and the lead up to ski season. In the first week, the campaign reached over 60,000 people across both Facebook & Instagram leading to a lower cost per result than previously ran campaigns and double the website traffic.

In the first week, weather adverts received 3x times more link clicks than other posts and adverts that had a Traffic Objective. They also garnered 6x more engagement than your average boosted post.

If your business benefits from weather-influenced activities, we believe weather ads can work for you, reducing cost and increasing user engagement, leading to bookings. Get in touch with us today at [email protected] to find out how Tomahawk can help grow your Tourism business.