Facebook Updates Announced

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Facebook is making a need-to-know update to the News Feed, announced this week, that will affect the owners of business pages. This update will place a high priority on quality content to the News Feed. Posts that “feel” like ads or click-bait will be penalized. It may sound like a small change, but the effects on post reach will be significant.

This is good news for users, as it will ensure the posts you see are more interesting and relevant to you. For businesses, however, they will need to refrain from making posts asking for Likes and emphasizing the need to “click” on the post to force engagement. Software engineers from Facebook have recommended that businesses do not ask people to take specific actions (click on the post or links) or business will see “negative changes to referral traffic.”

As always, Content is King, and it’s important to share interesting information and attractive photos for the best results.