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How Website User Experience Affects Your Search Ranking

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User Experience (UX) as a ranking factor in search engines

A key trend in 2024 is the importance of User Experience (UX) and how it impacts your website ranking in search engines, as identified in our article "10 Trending Marketing Strategies for Tourism in 2024". Let's look at it in a bit more detail!

Fact: Travellers plan their transport, stays and adventures online. So, when it comes to attracting bookings, your website is your storefront window. But how do you ensure it grabs attention and keeps visitors engaged? The answer lies in User Experience (UX). Excellent UX doesn't just provide a smooth browsing experience, it's a key factor in Google rankings, propelling your tourism business to the top of search results.

Why UX Matters for Tourism Websites

Google's mission is to organise the world's information and make it...

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Big Changes at Tomahawk and ResBook!

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Tomahawk and ResBook are thrilled to announce a comprehensive revamp of our service offerings, designed to better cater to the diverse needs of the tourism industry. This strategic initiative comes as a response to invaluable feedback from the industry’s key stakeholders and recent changes in ResBook’s ownership.   

The objective is to deliver more targeted and efficient solutions to tourism businesses of all sizes, enhancing their digital presence. Both sister brands will continue to provide expertise to clients in the New Zealand, Australian and South Pacific tourism markets. John Hayson, Company Director of Tomahawk explains:  

 "Listening to our stakeholders is a vital part at the heart of our strategy. This revamp allows us to better serve our clients and stay ahead...

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Don't Lose Your Historic Universal Analytics Data!

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How To Export Data From Universal Analytics - June 30th Deadline 

Another Google-imposed deadline is looming - July 1st - it's an important deadline from Google that you don't want to miss. You have until the 30th of June to export your data from Universal Analytics (UA) before it's gone for good. 

If you've logged into your UA recently, you've likely seen the countdown ticking away. This isn't just about UA stopping new data collection - that happened last year. This time, UA will become completely inaccessible after July 1st, 2024. That means your historical data will disappear forever unless you act now. 

Here's why keeping your historical web analytics data matters: 

  • Measuring Future Performance: Past benchmarks are essential for assessing growth. 
  • Context for...

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Tomahawk Partners with Accommodation Australia

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We are thrilled and proud to share our new partnership with Accommodation Australia! They are leading a nation-wide major project across the tourism, travel & hospitality industry to promote and grow the workforce leveraging (and enhancing) the platform we developed for Go with Tourism!

“The GWT team with Tomahawk’s support created something very powerful for the tourism and hospitality industry,” says Dame Kerry Prendergast Tourism Industry NZ Trust Chair. “We are very pleased to see the valuable work of Go With Tourism being leveraged by our friends in Australia.”

Tomahawk has been engaged to develop the platform for the Australian market to allow employers, prospective workers, students and international visitors to connect to education, employment and other vital...

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Low Season Thriving Guide

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As a tourism business, navigating the low season can be a challenging yet pivotal time for sustaining growth and success. While the peak periods may bring a surge of visitors and revenue, the off-peak months present unique opportunities to innovate, engage with customers, and build a resilient business model. 

With a strategic approach, you can not only survive the low season but use it as an opportunity to refresh, refine, and position yourself for an even stronger peak season. 

In this guide, we'll explore actionable strategies to help your tourism business not just survive but thrive during the low season, you have to work harder for those bookings but once you hit on a formula that delivers steady bookings you can apply the strategies every year.

Grow Demand with...

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Your Success Guide to AI for Tourism

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In 2023, AI was the talk of the town…or more accurately, the talk of the whole world!

Last year, AI stirred up plenty of excitement and conversations about how this new revolutionary technology can help businesses, research, medicine, education and industries. This was coupled with plenty of questions and concerns around safety, privacy and whether it will replace jobs.

Now in 2024, many have learnt a bit more about AI’s benefits and most have played with AI tools like ChatGPT and new AI platforms are being developed at lightning speed.

As this e-book debuts, AI's dynamism becomes evident with new use cases, new platforms, and new concerns emerging daily making any static resource about AI potentially obsolete within days. So much so that we’ve written this guide multiple...

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