Tomahawk Launches New Look to Celebrate Company Growth

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In January 2019, Tomahawk officially celebrated its 10th year in business. Like any significant birthday that ends in a zero, it elicits a few moments of pause and reflection; looking back on photos of when we only had 6 staff in that small, cinder block office, the bad haircuts and noticeably, the less wrinkles and grey hair! But also, how the company has changed and evolved in accordance to the changing needs of our customers. 

Where we were once solely technology development based, we are now more focused on creating tourism strategies and consulting, providing creative and dynamic marketing results, insights and bespoke developments that may also include technological solutions.    

The New Branding

A new brand was needed to better convey the evolved vibrancy of our services, the diverse, changing needs of tourism businesses and that partnership we share with our valued customers. 

It was definitively agreed that the feather encapsulates all that Tomahawk is and wants to continue to strive to be.

The feather gives lift so a bird can fly and soar. It is light, yet strong and continues to grow as the bird grows. 

Embracing the coming together of the two company directors’ two cultures; Gina from America and John from New Zealand we also looked at what the feather means to both the Native Americans and the native Maori in New Zealand. 

In Native American culture it is believed that all things possess an inherent virtue, power, and wisdom. The feather symbolizes trust, honour, strength, wisdom, power, freedom and flight. To be given a feather is to be hand picked out of the rest in the tribe and is a gift given from a high official to another for doing a brave or honourable deed. A feather is to be treasured and is a constant reminder of how to behave.

The feather is also a revered treasure for Maori and symbolises leadership and mana. Feathers adorn the traditional Maori  Cloaks, kahu huruhuru which are worn for warmth, protection and to symbolise your status and mana. 

Tomahawk looks forward to continuing to partner with our customers with the essence and power of the feather!

During our rebranding exercise, it was identified that we need a new feathered friend as a team member and friendly face to help our customers!  

Meet Hugo the hawk!
Hugo is smart & proud to be a T-Hawk
He loves to eat Mince & Mice Cheese Pies
His favourite songs are  ‘I’m like a bird’ from Nelly Furtado and Bet Middlers ‘Wind beneath my wings’
Hugo is not an “angry bird”, however, he is afraid of blindfolds.  
He enjoys helping others fly high with their tourism businesses and gets upset when people don’t ask him for help. 

We hope you enjoy soaring through business with Tomahawk and Hugo