Tomahawk Team Tips for Tourism Marketing in 2023!

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With 2023 just around the corner we thought we'd share some marketing tips and insights from our team to help guide your planning and direction, or simply just to provoke some ideas on possible new things to try!

Account Management Team

Our account management team recommend you make the mind space for Marketing. This will support continued engagement and a clear strategy to a successful business. Remember, activating marketing is not like flicking a switch!


Create a marketing calendar.

Georgia MacMillan - Account Manager

Make your own marketing calendar to identify key dates, and milestones. Use this calendar template to plan your specials, promotions and social media - customise it with your own campaign messaging!

Download calendar to customise 

Be nimble in 2023!

Grant Colquhoun - Account Director

Don’t think and don’t imagine 2023 is going to be like 2019. We are in a whole new space, be nimble. Don't plan like it's 2019 and don't compare results to 2019. It's in the past and travel and peoples mindsets are different. "Let 2019 go!"

Domestic is still VERY strong!!

Emma Brown - Senior Account Manager

Don’t take your eyes off this market. Your domestic campaigns will be seen by those ‘in destination’ who include both locals and international visitors.


Try something new!!

Renee Goodsell - Head of Partnerships

TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube. Take a test and learn how to approach new channels. We have TikTok and Pinterest eBook guides to download so you can get started!


Be smarter with your channel mix.

Andrew Belsham - Account Manager

Think strategically about what rates & availability you have on distribution channels versus your website. For example, if your channel manager allows, try limiting what's available on your OTA's (to the next 3 months) but have 12+ months available on your website.


Digital Performance Team

Invest in scroll-stopping photos and video! 

Jaimee Beck - Digital Performance Specialist

Whether that means hiring a professional or spending some time learning how to use your phone camera to take fantastic shots of your product, service or experience, having high quality images can make a huge impact on your paid and organic social channels and Display campaigns.

Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence

Lez Gunnion - Senior Digital Performance Specialist

From conversational AI in the form of chatbots, and analytical AI like GA4 insights and predictions to AI for content marketing like Grammarly, AI exists in most of the software platforms you already use. Making the most of this AI will help fill existing gaps in data, provide insights into user behaviour, trends, and inconsistencies that can easily be missed by human analysis, and will ensure that conversions, leads, and sales don't fall through the cracks.

Your website is your biggest marketing tool! 

Regan Northwood - Digital Performance Manager

Make sure it's easy to navigate, offers an intuitive user experience, answers customer questions, and converts leads! Use relevant landing pages for your digital ads so that customers can easily find the info they need and convert easily on your site. 

Leverage competitor research

Tip Varnakomala - Digital Performance Specialist

Researching your competitors' offers and position in the market allows you differentiate your business. By finding out what platforms they're on, what their offers and selling points are, you can use this information to go one better than them.

Learn from the best of the best providers who are in a similar niche to you, but in a different overseas country. Great places to look are your competitor's websites, browsing Facebook ads library or simply giving them a search on Google.

Collect customer insights

Mamta Patel - Digital Performance Specialist

Customer insights help us target our ads to attract more customers to your business! Ask your customers how they found your business to improve ad targeting. 


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