Increase Bookings with Ads Triggered by Weather Forecasts

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We all talk about the weather on a daily basis and for tourism businesses the weather often has quite a significant impact on your bookings and visitation numbers. Whether it be for seasonal or simply short-term weather conditions, the weather can dictate who turns up. 

What if you could be a bit more clever about the weather and integrate it into your digital marketing plan to attract bookings? This brings us to what we call “Weather Ads.” 

What are Weather Ads? 

As the name suggests, “Weather Ads” is an ad campaign tactic based around the weather forecast to match an activity or location with upcoming weather conditions.  

Will it be snowing next weekend? Then ski packages are a timely ad to use. Will it be hot and sunny on the coast? Then let people know they can jump on a boat cruise or enjoy an island sailing trip.   

You may be thinking, it can be quite time consuming and a bit hit and miss to follow the weather and set up ads accordingly…fortunately, there is more to this story than that. As with a lot of digital marketing activity these days, automation is the key.  

At Tomahawk, we use a weather advertising platform called WeatherAds that automates campaign activity using the latest local weather forecasts triggering ads to match certain rules and delivers them across google search, display ads and social platforms. The automated rules are set to activate aspects of your campaign including ad rotations, audience segmentation, boost visibility and budget optimization. 

How Does it Increase Bookings? 

Weather ads are a much more targeted approach and tailored to upcoming conditions that suit your tourism product providing more certainty. As a result they are more likely to convert lookers into bookers. You can segment your ads to target different audiences matching activities or products available to suit different weather conditions – the options are completely customized for your business.  

Accommodation businesses for example, may use weather ads to offer stay and play packages that differ according to specific activities in the area whether they be indoor or outdoor.  

Outdoor activity-based businesses may tweak their ads to only be triggered when the weather conditions are looking favourable.  

Not only do Weather Ads improve bookings but it also avoids needless advertising saving your budget and creating a better Return on Investment (ROI). 

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