Tomahawk leadership promotions paving the way for 2023

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Tomahawk has promoted two key members of their team to strengthen its leadership and manage growth in the business for 2023. 

Renee Goodsell, previously Head of Digital & Engagement, now heads up the entire team as General Manager. Renee’s strong leadership and digital marketing skills at Tomahawk have been evident for several years, so this natural progression is no surprise, and will provide a sturdy foundation for the company as it continues to be a leader in providing tourism digital and marketing services.  

Tomahawks’ Digital Performance Manager, Regan Northwood, has quickly cemented her leadership abilities and earned a promotion to Operations Manager to lead the digital performance and delivery teams.  

Renee is excited about what 2023 and beyond will bring,  

It’s an incredibly exciting time to be in tourism with a positive rebound being experienced, so I am looking forward to an amazing year leading the T-Hawks. I know Regan will also absolutely thrive in helping our team deliver top quality services and exceeding our client expectations.”  

Tomahawk Directors, John Hayson and Gina Paladini, are confident in the team, led by Renee, to put the company in the best possible position to meet the growing demand of new business. John enthuses, 

Seeing the progression of both Renee and Regan is a wonderful step for them and for Tomahawks future. We couldn’t be more delighted to boost our leadership team from within to provide new opportunities. Our customers will certainly benefit from having a leading-edge team of T-Hawks with an endless supply of energy and innovation to continually improve on what we deliver.” 


Michelle Ackers  |  Brand Marketing Manager

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