Decoding Your Logo

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Your logo is the face of your company. It creates a first impression and can greatly impact how your brand is perceived. You will use it everywhere, from your business cards and website to your signage and may even extend your company car! So of course, you really need to get it right.


The first and foremost essential for a good logo, is that it should be bespoke. It should be custom designed by an expert, in line with the company’s vision and appeal not only to you but to your target audience.


Secondly it should be relevant to your product and industry. Relevance does not mean using generic industry icons – the Mercedes logo is not a car, the McDonalds logo is not a burger. It needs to be visually unique so it stands out in a crowd. There is a lot more to a logo than just what it says in words. It is the overall impact and visual perception that it provides. It is this symbol that people remember and associate your company with.

Types of Logos

  1. Typographic
  2. Abstract/Illustrative

A typographic logo is made up with text only (think Coca-cola) and an abstract logo has a strong motif or symbol supported by the logo text (think Nike and the ‘swoosh’). There is no right or wrong here. It all comes down to what suits your brand.

Get Feedback

Whichever style of logo you go for, it is important to get feedback on it before finalising it as your brand’s identity. Make sure that not only is it attractive and engaging, but that it is also conveys a clear message.

Communication with your logo designer is key and it is crucial to brief them about your company. It is very important that you and your designer are on the same page in order to achieve a stunning logo that you both will be proud of for years to come.


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