Welcome to Level 2 COVID-19

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With the move to Level 2, we are seeing more people travel regionally and it is fantastic! Social news feeds are filled with these trips and planting the dream seed for others.

As we know each of the 5 Stages of Travel play a key part in your tourism business ecosystem and following on from the insights we shared last week the team here at Tomahawk have been analysing the data available at our fingertips. What we are seeing is people are moving from the dream phase more into the research/planning and booking phase.

Over the last two weeks, website traffic has increased (+44.73%) and the time people are spending on websites has nearly doubled compared with the previous period. We will be pulling together further details this week and continuing to watch these trends over the coming weeks and months.

Further to what we are seeing, there are several fantastic resources available for Tourism businesses at the moment. We have compiled a few as follows and will continue to share these as they come across our desk.

TIA has shared guidelines for operating at Level 2. During this time these resources are available to everyone in the industry, not just those who are members. They are also doing regular webinars and talking with key people in the industry.

We are seeing people take advantage of Facebook Groups to talk to potential customers, share promotions and/or deals as well as support each other through this time. There are three that we have joined and would suggest you join too. 

Support NZ Tourism, as the name suggests this group is about supporting the local travel, tourism and hospitality industries the length and breadth of this beautiful country we get to call home. 

All New Zealand businesses are facing a tough time and with that, the New Zealand Made Products group was created. This page is for multi-industry but we have seen fantastic success promoting voucher sales via this group. 

With the increased use of online meetings, Zoom has become a common word in our vocab. One common use is for Webinars & Online Training. Tomahawk will be hosting a Domestic Tourism Webinar this week (more details below), but Skift & Phocuswright are also hosting regular webinars that are really insightful during this time.