Domestic Marketing During COVID-19

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During this 60 minute webinar, Gina Paladini, Marketing Director and Renee Goodsell, Marketing Manager look at how to marketing to the domestic New Zealand audience during COVID-19.

Topics include:

1. Domestic Marketing Before & After COVID-19

2. Domestic Audiences Familiar & New

3. The differences between International vs. Domestic marketing

4. Key triggers for Kiwi Travelers

5. Checklist: Is your product Kiwi-ready?

During the webinar, you will hear Gina talk about the PhocusWright article 'Nothing will be the same' How Italian hoteliers are coping with Coronavirus fallout. We do predict the trends Italy is seeing, of people wanting to book direct will flow through into tourism here in New Zealand. It is something we will be actively encouraging. 

Two Quick Little Tips

We touched on two great tips near the end of the session, here are the links to the Facebook Groups we are seeing customers leverage successfully.


Support NZ Tourism
New Zealand Travel Tips
New Zealand Made Products

Also the new initiative from Road Guru's new initiative 'Save My Bucket List'.