MailChimp Introduces Facebook Ad Campaigns

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Managing social media as a small business can sometimes feel overwhelming. MailChimp, the popular email marketing platform, has launched into the world of Facebook Ads with an exciting new feature to simplify the process.

How it Works

With a simplified process, busy brands can build ad campaigns to run on the Facebook and Instagram networks from within the MailChimp site.


After all the information is entered (30 steps) the ad will be sent to Facebook for confirmation, and you’ll receive an email when the ad is approved and launched. MailChimp will also provide a reporting and tracking mechanism for the ads so you can review the performance.


The biggest benefit is tapping instantly into your MailChimp email list for the ad campaign audience, a powerful way to reach your current contacts, and new customers with similar demographics. It's also a one-stop-shop if you're running a lean internal marketing team.

Is It Right For Me?

This paid feature has limitations, which is part of its simplification. Brands will need a firm understanding of targeting to understand why their ads are performing and how to improve. These simple ads don’t currently allow for the complex testing of ad campaigns to optimise your marketing strategy, which is increasingly important as you build your brand.

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