Brand Kit Package

Having a "Brand Kit" set up in Canva makes it easy for you, your team, and designers, to ensure there is design consistency across all of your marketing communications.

Who’s it for? 

This would suit any business that currently doesn't have brand specifications and files to provide designers of your marketing collateral or to use in Canva for creating new designs. The purpose of this package is to take your existing logo and create a Brand Kit in Canva that specifies the logo variations, fonts and colours.

Having a Brand Kit ensures you can easily create consistent marketing collateral going forward, and in your Canva account enables you to drag and drop your branding elements into any creatives you make in the Canva environment.

Pre-requisites from you:

  • An existing logo already designed
  • Logo design file (if you don't have this we can recreate it for additional cost)
  • A Canva Pro license ($179 pa) with shared access for Tomahawk


What's in the package?

With support from a Tomahawk specialist to liaise with you and our design team, this package will provide your business with a Brand Kit, delivered in Canva, which includes the following items:

  • A folder of your logo design files in different formats. Depending on the requirements of your logo these may be in various shapes (stacked, horizontal, motif only) and on different backgrounds (white, dark and transparent)
  • A 1-page brand style outline showing your brand logo variations, colours and fonts
  • Brand Kit set up in Canva

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