Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing ads are a dynamic way to use the data from your website visitors to then target them with Display ads in Google and Social Media ad platforms. Think of it as an automated way to follow up on booking leads that didn't quite get converted, serving to give them a reminder of what you offer when they are in the researching and booking phases of travel. 

Who’s it for? 

If you are wanting to take advantage of targeting people who have previously visited your website, then a Remarketing ad campaign is the perfect option. Both Google and Social media platforms can offer remarketing ads which can be personalised to the content they have already explored on your website.

What’s in the package? 

With support from a Tomahawk Account Manager to liaise with you on your campaign objectives, this package is designed to cover a 3-month period and also includes:

  • Creative ad designs
  • Campaign plan
  • Campaign set up & go live
  • Monthly optimsation and reporting

The Remarketing Campaign Package pricing starts from $1,499 p/month for a minimum of 3 months.

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