Google Webinar Q&A

Thanks for all your great questions! As we didn't get time to answer then during the webinar, here they are for you all.

7 common Google acronyms to know

GSN - Google Search Network
A group of search-related websites and apps where your ads can appear. Examples are and YouTube.

GDN - Google Display Network
A collection of 3 billion websites that show Google ads. 94% of websites are in the GDN.

CPC - Cost-Per-Click
The price you pay for each click on your ad that shows in eithert the GSN or GDN.

CPV - Cost-Per-View
The price you pay for TrueView video ads displayed on YouTube

CTR - Click-through Rate
The ratio of users who click on your ad to the number of users have seen your ad.

CR - Conversion Rate
A ratio showing the number of clicks on your ad that resulted in a booking or purchase to the total number of clicks on your ad.

GMB - Google My Business
The very powerful and easy-to-use free tool for businesses to manage their online presence across Google, including search and maps. Businesses that verify their information with GMB are twice as likely to be considered reputable by consumers.

Your Q&A

I've recently heard that many people avoid using the search ads links that pop up. Is that true? And, how affordable is Google ads for a very small business?
Google do not offer pop up advertising. For Tomahawk to help with your Google Ads, check out our Webinar Promotion here.

Do you have approximate pricing for the ad models?
We have put together some great Webinar Promotions. Click here for more details.

What does GDN stand for?
Google Display Network (see the acronyms above)

Is it possible to target an audience by age, nationality and location? I.e European students aged 13-18 located in NZ presently?
We can target age, language and location. With regards to targeting students, we could look at those who visit student related websites. 

Can you link MailChimp and GMB to allow newsletters to become news/blog pieces?
We would recommend treating the news articles within the newsletter as individual posts. That way one newsletter can last multiple weeks rather than just one.

I have three of the same "location" come up - one is verified and two are not - shows one is a duplicate and one needs verification.
We would recommend claiming the other two accounts and merging them so you have one main account for your business.

How do I see who is registered as the 'owner' of our 'Google my business' page? It looks like someone else owns our site? It says 'suggest an edit' so it's not me.
If you log into Google My Business using your log in details, from there you can go through the process of claiming the account.

Who does the GMB reach? I'm keen to improve this but how do I know who it will reach?
The images, articles and posts will reach anyone who searches for your business, or businesses like yours. They will appear within the GMB section of the Google search results.

Can I do a YouTube video for Australia only? What is the cost for small businesses? I have a 2 rooms luxury accommodation.
You can definitely target just Australia with video. You can even turn on/off different states depending on performance.

What is the cost of having Tomahawk manage Google My Business
Check out our Webinar Promotion for pricing

Does YouTube capture that ultimate luxury purchaser?
You can build audiences within YouTube, this includes those who are engaging with luxury brands

When I try to add a post on my listing it says "Sorry, posts are currently not enabled for your business listing".
You will need to verify your Google My Business account.