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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Tourism Brands - Making the Most of your Online Video and AV Clip

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As a tourism business, you probably already know it's the visual that really engages your customers. You already have your best photos on your homepage, and you may even have a short video featured on your website - this is an excellent start (especially if you already have some video content on your website).

But are you using your video to its full potential?

Today, 94% of travel is researched online so when marketing your tourism business it's important to bear in mind where your customers are spending their time online and how they consume the information they find.

Recent studies reveal the continuing rise of online video. More and more people are using YouTube to search for content; it's now the second largest search engine after Google with their video views exceeds 4 million globally every day, and that number is growing every day. Sources: YouTube, comScore and neilson: Global Video Report.

This means it's time to ensure that your video is found - you wouldn't invest in printing a brochure and not distribute it where potential customers would find it, right?

To help you get your video seen out in the big online world here are four easy little tips that help in a big way:

OPTIMSE - Think of your video as an engaging snapshot of your business which - like your website - can be optimised. Make the video title relevant and search engine friendly to encourage good Google results.

If you call your video "My Awesome Milford Manor Video!" then you need people searching for that exact phrase, which isn't a great help for what you are actually selling. Calling your video "Accommodation in Milford at Milford Manor" is a huge improvement, and now you'll broaden your exposure online and be able attract relevant traffic.

LINK BUILDING - Link your video back to your website (just copy and paste the full URL of your website, into the description field), and include a description that is relevant to what you provide. This means a powerful incoming link and just one click to your site.

CALL TO ACTION - Include a call to action in your video, and tell your customers what to do - visit your website, book online - whatever the purpose of your video is, be sure to reinforce the point.

DISTRIBUTE IT ON YOUR NETWORKS - Add your video to your Facebook page, upload it to TripAdvisor and Google Places, get it well optimised on YouTube and Vimeo.

Find out more about AV Clips and video

Trip Advisor - Like taxes; you don't have a choice

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So we have all heard and read the articles about the recent UK lawsuit which resulted with Trip Advisor no longer being able to claim that their reviews are "real". This was a big blow for the online tourism review site but it does not stop travelers from reading and depending on the site to help make travel purchase decisions.

Trip Advisor is brilliant and simultaneously annoying - we live in a time when the consumer holds the power to help your business or tarnish it.

Take solace in knowing that even the world's most exclusive 5 Star hotels receive silly complaints about inane things like "the banana's in our fruit basket had bruises." People reading the comments can usually identify the "never happy" guests.

Travel purchase is an emotional and often large purchase decision so people will often turn - right or wrong - to Trip Advisor.

Whether you participate with Trip Advisor by commenting on both your guests good and bad reviews is your choice but like it or not, the travelling public is posting about you so like taxes, you best participate.

For a giggle on how ridiculous Trip Advisor can be see: