Meet the T-Hawks

John Hayson


Gina Paladini

Marketing Director

Marica Brewster

Tomahawk US CEO

Brian Walker

Creative Director

Gary Conway

JobSAFE General Manager

Noelle Dolor

Digital Marketing

Tom Steward

Sales Manager

Magan Adams

Account Manager USA

Nicola Hewitt

Account Manager

Geri Fallon

Sales Manager North

Courtney Wymer

Account Manager

Rachel Mander

Financial Director

John Lobaton

Project Manager

Sumit Dey

Assistant Project Manager

Ashley Harding

Social Media Manager

Andie Wood

SEM Specialist

Jason D'Costa

Digital Marketing Assistant

Talwinder Singh

PHP Developer

Martin Jones

PHP Developer

Ameya Aklekar

PHP Developer

Pinal Desai

PHP Developer

Pallavi Karambelkar

Senior Designer

Alan Lee


Kgwadu Mongalo

.NET Developer

Krishna Kura

.NET Developer

Sonia Zhao

.NET Developer

Ton Immanuel

PHP Developer ResBook

Quintin Venter

PHP Developer ResBook

Diego Silva

PHP Developer ResBook

Premraj Tharmarajah

PHP Developer ResBook

Antony Zouch

Client Success Specialist

Antony has completed a successful stint in the US before returning to good ol' New Zealand with his better half.

Jay Tuipoloa

Client Specialist & Support


Office Mascot