Your Twenty20 Marketing Workshop

Would you like to have a perfectly clear view for your business’s marketing for next year? Tomahawk are all about smarter marketing for tourism businesses! We are bringing our marketing experts to your region for a day of hands on workshops. Attendees bring their laptops. Tomahawk deliver the expertise. Together we will get perfect 20/20 vision for your tourism business marketing plan.

Marketing with the 5 stages of travel

  • Review the 5 stages of travel and what marketing platform serves each stage
  • Map your campaign plan on the 5 stages of travel worksheet
  • 1.5 hour planning workshop


Takeaway: Each business will create their 2020 marketing plan and one a bite-sized campaign strategy to implement in another of today’s workshop. 

Optimise your Google My Business

  • Prequel = set up GMB self learning eBook
  • Learn about the the different steps to optimise Google my Business (including applying for the exception for accommodation)
  • 1.5 hour hand on workshop


Takeaway: Each business will better understand how easy and important it is to update their GMB listing

Website Health Check

  • More than 50% of searches are done on mobile – learn the importance of responsive
  • Site speed – is your site fast enough for your customers? Do the test. 
  • What is a good site map and do you have one?
  • What’s a Meta?
  • You can’t sell a secret – Clear Call to Actions (CTA’s)
  • 1.5 hour workshop discussion


Takeaway: Each business will understand the benchmarks of a good website and where their site sits

Making Social Media Work for Your Tourism Business

  • Building your social media audience
  • Finding a new audience to target on social media
  • Posting vs. linking to your website
  • 1.5 hour interactive workshop


Takeaway: Each business will be able to set up a basic Social Media Campaign using Facebook Ads

Protect your brand with Google Ads

  • Introduction to Google Search Ads
  • What Google Ad is best for my business
  • How YouTube can spark the dream
  • 1.5 hour educational workshop


Takeaway: Each business will better understand Google Ads and how to build a brand campaign