Online Gift Vouchers


Buying vouchers for accommodation or activities is a very popular gift giving option. People have been missing out on travel, so a gift to get out and go somewhere different is seen as a sure way to impress, reward or treat someone special.

We can offer an online gift voucher sales tool for any type of website.

  • All Tomahawk bespoke and themed websites can opt to have a gift voucher module integrated into their website

  • Any other type of website can create a gift voucher page that links to your own customised online voucher options for online sales, with an admin portal to manage your voucher settings and sales

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Benefits of selling vouchers on your website

  • Vouchers are money in the bank as they are paid in full and are non-refundable - helping provide cash-flow year round
  • People with vouchers to redeem often spend more with you to upgrade their experience
  • You can create your own voucher promotions on your social media pages for special occasions and Christmas that link to your website to buy now
  • Locals and people from all over the world will buy a gift voucher for someone knowing that it allows for flexibility as to when it can be booked
  • Incredibly a proportion of gift vouchers are never redeemed, making these sales 100% profit!
  • You can participate in the Pure New Zealand Gift Voucher campaign

How it works

Get in touch with our team to get the voucher module activated on your website. There is a 2% charge on every voucher sold (payment processing fees with Windcave and Stripe are additional). 

Set up options

Install and set up voucher packages and dollar amounts you wish to sell


Connect to your Windcave or Stripe account for payments and activate to sell online

Sell and Send

Customers choose to send the recipient an email or you post out a printed voucher

Gift Voucher email sent to the recipient

The voucher recipient is sent an automated gift voucher email which will show your own logo and contact details. 

Email sent to your business 

An automated email is sent to you to confirm the voucher sale and details of the purchaser and recipient.

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