Tomahawk and TradeMe team up for Charity

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SPCA's CEO Christine Kalin, Gina Paladini and Tom Steward (Tomahawk)

SPCA's CEO Christine Kalin, Gina Paladini and Tom Steward from Tomahawk

In December 2012, Tomahawk auctioned a website and marketing package as a donation to the Auckland SPCA.

Using TradeMe to connect with the generosity of New Zealand businesses, Tomahawk was able to raise $6500 through the auction to help the Auckland SPCA during the time of year they need support most.

Although the auction closed at $6130.00, in the spirit of giving, the winner of the auction offered to increase his donation by nearly another $500 - to the auto bid that they had set before the auction closed.

TradeMe was so impressed with Tomahawk's creative fundraiser and the generosity of their donation that they too helped by waiving their auction fee to assist in the cause to help the Auckland SPCA.

SPCA Marketing Manager Rona Booth expresses her gratitude for the generosity of the donation - Our work rescuing, rehabilitating and preventing cruelty to animals is made possible through the support of the community and businesses that believe in what we do. When Tomahawk came to us with their idea we were overwhelmed by their creativity and compassion - their generosity will make a huge difference.

And the winner of the auction? He has asked to remain anonymous, "I am just a shy bloke who wanted to support your auction and help the animals".

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