The best Facebook apps for your tourism business

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More and more tourism businesses are coming to grips with the reality that Social Media is an important component of their brand and customer engagement.

One of the best ways to do this is using Facebook and adding 'apps' to your page which showcase products and get people talking about your brand.

Two handy Facebook apps for the tourism business:

Tour Radar

If you run a tour company, this great Aussie-born App is ideal. Tour Radar provides the ability to sell tours, offers a platform for travellers to meet each other prior to the tour starting and share qualified reviews - all on your Facebook page. Another very attractive feature of Tour Radar is the all-important Facebook Competition. Tour Radar has a competition component that can dramatically increase your audience.



Tour Radar for Tourism Businesses on Facebook

Using Tour Radar is a great way to show off your tours on Facebook, and grow your audience using a competition.

Easy Promos

One of the quickest ways to increase your audience and to reward your loyal followers is to offer a competition (All competitions on Facebook must use a Facebook App as per their guidelines).

There are many apps available like our famous Kiwi creation, Wildfire, but many are cost prohibitive for the small to medium sized tourism business. Easy Promos offers the first competition for free and subsequent competitions are affordable - and it is easy to use.


Easy Promo App for Tourism Businesses on Facebook

Easy Promo App is an affordable way to run competitions and is perfect for those who are just starting out on Facebook.

Although Facebook has an App store that lists tens of thousands of apps, you can get lost or discouraged quite easily trying to separate the gimmicks from the good stuff. To make finding apps easier, visit the App Bistro: You can find apps that will let you list FAQs, create a mobile based giveaway, add live chat and many apps to build your fan base.

App Bistro also offer 'bulk' purchasing to help ease the cost of this important form of marketing, so you can experiment Facebook apps without it costing the earth.

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