We are here for you!

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We hope you and your families are keeping safe during this uncertain and messy time. 
The truth is that all of us in tourism are hurting. We are looking at our own jobs, our own businesses, our tourism industry whanau and saying -

"None of us has done anything wrong, we are all in this together and together we will get through it"

Please know that Tomahawk is here for you throughout the coming period of uncertainty. We are well-positioned to weather the storm and our amazing team will be working to do anything we can to support you through this. 

In an effort to keep our team together, we will be going to four days a week for all staff from 01 April. This will be staggered so you will always have support so please reach out at any time should you need us.

Our management and team leads are meeting multiple times each day to review how we can help individual customers as you come to us with questions and concerns. We are treating each on an individualised and personal basis as everyone has different challenges and needs right now.

To our ResBook customers: You have received an email from us today with an outline of how we believe we can help you during this time. Please keep talking to us if you need any additional assistance.

To all of our accommodation customers: You will be receiving a further email in the next 24 hours announcing a new free initiative to help boost bookings. We will be offering this opportunity to you before offering it to the wider New Zealand accommodation sector.

We want to support you during this time and ensure you are best prepared and ready for when tourism rebounds…because it will!

Tourism may look a little different at first, initially domestic travellers (which may be a change for some of you) and again, we will do all we can to support you through that change, but together we will thrive again.

Stay safe,
John, Gina, Carmen and the Tomahawk Team.