6 Little techno tricks that make a big difference to your tourism marketing

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Trip Advisor - For around USD600.00, a B&B can get a business account with Trip Advisor that not only lets you list contact details and your website, but lets you add a special offer to the front page for the region when searched. Even better - travellers can receive your specials by email for each region they will be visiting


Newsletters - When you pay peanuts, you get monkeys, but not with MailChimp! It's free if you have less than 2000 contacts, and offers a slew of templates, or lets you design your own email newsletters. You can share them on social networks, integrate with services you already use, and track your results.

See some of our tourism marketing newsletter designs or head to www.mailchimp.com and get started!

Google Places - Fast track yourself to the top of Google by signing up to Google places, and make sure you verify your listing. You can even add a description, photos, and video and add keywords for your tourism product and really increase your exposure on Google.

Find ways to increase your exposure on search engines here


Dropbox - Sick of wasting time sending large files one by one, or worse the dreaded post? Drop Box is a program that creates a Drop Box on your own computer, where you can add files and simply invite the person you would like to share with to access them. With all that saved time, think of all the extra marketing you can do!


Facebook - Once you get 25 or more Likes on your Facebook business page, quickly register your page's name with FaceBook so someone else can't start a page with the same business's name. Ask your friends and family to like you and secure your name before someone else does!

Read more about social media for Tourism here


A/V Clip - Having an audio visual clip on your home page and next to your book now button increases clicks through to your booking now button by 30% and at fraction the cost of video. Then, when you get it on Youtube or Vimeo you can add keyword tags to help promote yourself, and let the power of social media do the rest.

Read more about AV Clips to help market your tourism busines.

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