Adara Impact

Know the Value of Your Marketing

Watch how ADARA Impact helps destination marketers understand which vendors and campaigns are working and not working, optimize marketing strategy against real visitor revenue, and prove economic impact in their markets.

Measure Marketing Effectiveness

Connect your digital media campaigns and website activity to visitors, flight bookings, room nights and hotel revenue from 750M+ monthly active travelers

Gain Deep Traveler Insights

Unlock never-before-seen insights into the types of travelers that visit your destination and respond to your digital marketing efforts

Validate Media and Marketing Spend

Show a direct connection between those who have seen your digital campaigns or been to your website and real visitors to your destination

Optimize Your Marketing Strategy Using Real Market Visitation

ADARA Impact offers a view into your marketing channels and customers’ travel behaviors that no other technology can provide:

See the ROI of your website and media campaigns, and know the drivers of higher booking rates and visitation

Identify which competitive destinations and origin markets are driving revenue more efficiently than you

Understand how your most valuable visitors book travel, their search-book-departure timelines, their spend, average length of stay and much more