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ResBook + Xero Accounting System

Xero + ResBook = Free Time

Fall in love with accounting again thanks to our new integration with Xero.

By integrating ResBook and Xero, you’ll be able to share all your bookings and accounting data across both systems, as well as your banking, in a totally cloud-based environment.

What that means is all your data is shared seamlessly online, is accessible anywhere you can connect to the internet and reporting is fast, simple and more detailed.

And the ResBook + Xero integration is FREE.

For full details on ResBook, including pricing and features:

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Key benefits

Forget about double entries between your property management system and your accounting system. Now, you can enter the invoice and payment information in ResBook and it feeds through to Xero. And, if your FIT or Agent booking comes through ResBook, you do nothing at all!

Understand your revenue streams
Understand what aspects of your business work best and generate the most revenue, with greater detail and less effort than ever before. By tracking and understanding how all your income streams generate revenue for your different rooms or activities, you can make strategic decisions around how to grow your business.

Save Time
By streamlining all your data, the painful tasks like reconciliation, invoicing, entering expenses and bookings become a breeze. Combined with Xero’s beautiful system, you might even find, you’ll fall in love with accounting again.

Find out more or try Xero Accounting Software for free.

Read The Rock Overnight Cruises Case Study about their ResBook + Xero Integration

Contact us below if you'd like to sign up for ResBook or to learn how to turn on your Xero integration if you are already clever enough to use ResBook for your business.

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